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Equipment Loan

When you engage in any of La Crème Coffee and Tea’s full-service programs, we provide a large of selection of equipment on loan. This allows you to focus on serving your guests the best coffees and teas available without worry. In addition, you’ll receive the best price possible on your espresso machines and blenders.


As part of our service, you’ll receive a full assessment of your existing or new space. We’ll provide a comprehensive consultation allowing you to create a preeminent experience for your patrons and a safe work environment for your staff. Each consultation includes recommendations for optimizing your workspace. With our years of experience and expertise, we’ll advise you everything from where to locate your refrigeration in relation to your espresso machine to how much storage space you’ll need to stock supplies for maximum efficiency.

Our clients love this added value, as it gives them the confidence that their coffee and tea beverage service is reflective of the excellence they strive to deliver to their customers daily.

Repair Services

Any equipment loaned or purchased from La Crème is fully supported. We know you cannot afford your coffee and tea equipment to be down. Our concierge-style service support is rapidly deployed, free of charge, and you can rest assured that a La Crème certified expert will be repairing your equipment.

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