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La Crème only sources the highest quality beans for world-renown coffee growers. After our select coffee beans are obtained, the most important phase of the production of gourmet coffee begins–roasting and blending. A good roaster must be part artist and part scientist to maintain quality and consistency. It is during the roasting process that the sugars and other carbohydrates within the bean become caramelized, creating a substance which is known as the “coffee oil.” Technically, this fragile chemical is not an oil since it is water soluble, but it is what gives the coffee its flavor and aroma. These attributes are intricately tailored when creating our proprietary coffee blends here at La Crème.

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La Crème coffees are roasted in small batches, using one of the worlds most common roasting methods–drum-roasting. The coffee beans are roasted as they tumble in a rotating drum that is heated by gas. When the desired roast is achieved, the beans are released into a cooling tray to keep them from overcooking. Drum-roasting allows our master roaster more control over the temperature and rate at which heat is transferred to the bean, in order to roast the bean from the inside out.  This exacting process results in a much richer, fuller mouth appeal.

La Crème coffees are specifically roasted and blended with a desired result in the finished cup. We have over 100 coffees to compliment your menu. But here is where you can experience the La Crème difference. Unlike a simple, off-the-shelf provider, we partner with our wholesale customer’s to develop a custom, signature-blend coffee for their business. Your establishment will truly be able to offer a coffee that is one-of-a-kind.