Custom Blend Tea and Coffee

Be Original

Create a Memorable Experience for Your Customers

You can create your very own signature-blend of tea or coffee with La Crème’s Custom Blend Program. Develop a tailored blend that reflects your establishment’s creative flair and style. We grant you exclusive rights to your proprietary blend. When patrons ask what brand of tea or coffee they are drinking, you’ll be able to honestly answer, “No one else on the planet has the blend you are enjoying right now.” This creates an exclusive and memorable experience for your clientele–one they will return for time and time again.

Develop Your Own Custom Blends

The Process

We invite you into our tasting showroom in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth where we sit down with you and begin the process. There, we start the conversation about what you envision in your custom blend. We construct the blend, as you sit at our coffee and tea bar, allowing you to taste it as it is developed. If you want to tweak or tailor the flavor, we are able to do so on the spot. You continue tasting the blend until we create an exact match to what you envisioned. We then carefully record the recipe so you’ll receive a consistent blend every time you order. This also ensures no other client gets your exact blend, allowing it to truly be one-of-a-kind.

Be Memorable

Many of of proprietary blends have become legendary fixtures for our clients, with diners asking for them each time they return. Others are challenging culinary boundaries, creating blends so modernly unique that they are sure to become top choices among their clientele. Whether your tastes are old-world or new-fusion, we can create the perfect blend of tea or coffee for you.

Menu & Recipe Development

Through years of working with restaurants and others, we are experts a creating a coffee and tea menu that mirrors your style. From old-world steakhouse to modern-fusion asian, we sit down with you in a detailed consultation, allowing you to taste each tea and coffee blend we recommend for your clientele. We dial in your selections until they meet your exacting standards.

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